Dishonesty is, of course, all around us in society—in love and war,
business and politics, and of course in media. Those who at first find
success in its use, particularly if not caught out early, tend to expand
their nefarious activities. Research indicates that “self-serving” deceitfulness
cognitively reinforced proliferates with recurrence, and grows in
significance. In a word, lying is addictive! Small wonder we’re seeing
so much of it in our present polity.1      . . .    Politicians and pundits of all stripes have 
spouted inaccuracies since the earliest public squares, but the crescendo
of canards witnessed in our society today come overwhelmingly from
one side of the great ideological divide. That side is the left.      
- Will Henry
The Left's Class War on the Working Class
 - Steve Hayward
United States of Socialism - Dinesh D'Souza