Mueller Report Post Mortem

A sense of relief swept across the country the past week with the end of the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation. The conservative half of the country was relieved with the vindication. They’ve been attentively following truthful pundits and media outlets, while keeping an eye on the ubiquitous fake news for perspective into the extent of delusion on the left. The progressive half of the country was relieved the report was out but befuddled about its’ meaning. No collusion with Russia? That wasn’t what all their political leaders and fake-news pundits have been claiming for the last 2 years. And if there was no collusion, no conspiracy, and thus no crime, how could there be obstruction? In the text of Peter Strzok: “there’s no big there there”. Now that the failed coup has been exposed and the pressure is off President Trump, the opposition pols and fake news roaches are in denial, diverting attention, making excuses, or just scurrying out of the brightness looking for cover, to await…..the Blowback.

From recent statements of FNN media mavens they aren’t ready to apologize & atone, or even to admit to their falsehoods. Instead, they’re pivoting to anything else; healthcare, green newbie deals, socialism, budget cuts - even the border emergency! Democrat mucky-mucks on various committees are busy boning up on their totalitarian skills asking anyone connected with President Trump: “VERE ARE YOUR PAPERS?!” Young Turks like AOC are pushing the Green Nude Deal for all to gaze upon, the wonders of socialism, as well as anti-Semitism. Joe “Hands-On” Biden is on an apology tour for old white men. Bernie, being old and white, is trying to distance himself from Joe, while Kamela, Cory, Kirsten, and Elizabeth are advocating abolition of the electoral college, among other left-cliff notions. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is entertaining the masses relating a lifetime of amorous exploits, and Andrew Yang is giving away $1,000/month in basic universal income. Howard Schultz is biding his time, ready to scoop up the Democrat nomination when the rabble goes over the left cliff. Wiley Coyote Terry McAuliffe is just making calls.

The genesis and make-up of the Mueller Team was problematic from the beginning. That DOJ’s Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller immediately after FBI Director Comey was fired May 9, 2017 was an obvious attempt to sustain the deep-state coup plot that had begun a year earlier. How Mueller and Comey cashed in handsomely to the tune of millions from government contracts to Lockheed Martin during the Bush & Obama years was never investigated by the yellow media. That Mueller’s handpicked team of swamp elves were heavily biased towards Hillary was inexcusable. The swamp elves did however need jobs since their side had lost the 2016 election, and that $1.5 million/month gravy train took nearly 2 years to determine that there was no collusion. The investigations into framed Trump associates, veteran political operative Paul Manafort, and Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen was stretched out in a calculated manner to keep the liberal vote energized to take back the House at the 2018 mid-terms. The fake news media kept the illusion front and center all the way. Fortunately for Trump & Co., and Republicans in all states and races, it’s all on tape and will be used effectively for fodder in the runup to 2020.

Attorney General Bill Barr, with his temporary side-kick Rod Rosenstein, will be redacting sources & methods, and other sensitive info from the Mueller report, for a release to congress and the public in a few weeks. It will expose some of trickery, but not enough, probably little better than the Warren Commission Report on the previous coup which whitewashed the whole murderous affair. FYI - Patsy Oswald was most likely not the lone gunman and that Dallas symphony orchestrated by the intelligence community with mob assistance was successful.

The next step is to appoint a new Special Counsel. After determining FBI miscreant Peter Strzok didn’t demonstrate “bias” in his shenanigans, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation won’t cut it, and nothing has been heard from US Attorney John Huber. Who might the DOJ choose to pick up where Mueller left off? And the team? Surely there are numerous experienced prosecutors who could be hired to pitch in. After all, it needs to be fast-tracked with raids, indictments and perp walks completed by spring 2020.

Considering what we know already, it shouldn’t be difficult; the remaining mystery will be: Bernie bro Seth.