Can Divided Government Bring US Together?

After 2 years of Republican control of both houses and the executive, the only major thing accomplished by the legislature was tax reform. That is, apart from goosing the economy, bolstering the military, cutting bureaucratic red-tape overreach, busting some MS-13 gangs, and the excellent progress in judicial appointments.

Likely, as viewed from the left, the situation must be somewhat similar to the right’s view of having Obamacare’s cost increases imposed on us a decade ago by Democratic party domination, and all the executive orders of course. That unfortunate opprobrium did nothing to bring us together. Indeed, it raised our hackles, brought out the Taxed Enough Already Partiers in droves, and resulted in the 2010 Red Wave. The next 6 years were spent obstructing the creep to the left.

And so, after the 2018 midterms we’re saddled with divided government, President Trump on the stallion, Mitch McConnell on the mare, and Nancy Pelosi on the donkey. Followed by a posse of Democrat committee chairmen and chairwomen on more donkeys, braying up a storm. It remains to be seen whether the Grand Dame of the Dems can keep her gaggle in line, or whether they will just serve to obstruct, investigate and impeach.

Only one noble bipartisan endeavor seems to have been suggested; infrastructure. Spending money is typically not frowned upon by the entrenched veterans of either side, only by the minority of Freedom Caucus upstarts. Maybe a reform of the criminal justice system and draconian mandatory sentencing, or mandating coverage of pre-existing conditions. Nothing else comes to mind as having had much airing in mass media or on soapbox.

So, what about the other concerns espoused by members of the parties? Balancing the budget? Abolishing ICE? Funding the whole wall? Single-payer health care? Term limits? Amnesty for illegals? Lobbying ban? Guaranteed Income? Comprehensive immigration reform? Free college? Another round of tax cuts? Fugetaboutit! The only other issue likely to be wholeheartedly embraced by members of both parties, mainstream & fringe, young & old, right & left…. would be a congressional pay raise!

Bipartisanship? No, the next two years will probably be dominated by rancor. Nadler, Waters & Schiff throwing subpoenas around like confetti, and more antics in the Senate Judiciary Committee when RBG’s replacement comes before them. It’s sure to be exciting drama. Buy popcorn futures.