Questions about blue waves

A Fortnight to the Mid-Terms & Questions on Wave Mechanics

A blue wave seems to have been at least blunted, but on a national level with so many moving parts, no one has so far come up with a decisive rationale for a break either way. Each side has its dedicated pundits, strategists and echo chambers. Some sound off with conviction citing numerical evidence, relate the latest setbacks or scandals to surface, or anecdotes about funding levels or abandoned media markets.

Until the Great Guatemalan Caravan with a cast of thousands, the only October surprise had been the Kavanaugh trial, and it was hardly a surprise – except for the Diane Feinstein’s leak of the Ford letter, a media maelstrom of course, and final concession for an FBI investigation before the final vote. Unrelated to the midterms, but dragged in nonetheless, the murder of Saudi columnist and Muslim Brotherhood advocate Jamal Khashoggi was a horrific calamity, and the left and the media couldn’t possibly let this quasi-crisis go to waste.

24/7 spin cycles revolve around the latest sound-bites and video clips from notables energizing their bases; Hillary’s “no civility” until we’re back in power; Holder’s when they go low “we kick ‘em!” building on the memorable Maxine “get in their faces” Waters, and Mazie “men need to shut-up” Hirono. In their horror of the risks Pelosi and Schumer have been more circumspect, so far anyway. Will the smiling eyes and polished teeth of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez convince the few remaining undecided independents that she has the answers to fiscal and monetary policy in a post-modern socialist economy, and are they resigned to accommodate endless un-documented MS-13 immigrants in their spare bedrooms? Are the critical defections in the blue districts that put Trump over Hillary to be reversed by their Democrat contenders convincing the gullible they were mistaken, that tax-cuts are bad for the pocketbook, high employment & a growing economy an illusion, healthcare & college can still be free?

Are enough disillusioned liberals going to #walkaway with growing disgust at Antifa antics and Soros-funded Screaming-Mimis in Senate elevators – or will they side with the mob scratching and pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court screaming “Whose Court? Our Court!” Is the average suburban women so disgusted with Trump and prosperity that she will vote for whatever activist has knocked on her door about - or do they fear for guilt before innocence of their sons, husbands & brothers after the Kavanaugh accusations proved to be such blatant partisanship? Will Kanye’s oval office stream of consciousness cause enough doubt among What-Have-You-Got-To-Lose African Americans that a high percentage will realize they’re just being pandered to and played by the left, again. Do Taylor Swift's policy positions, or those of anyone else in Gollywood, have any significant impact on the minds of thinking Americans?

The left, without a defined message other than: "Trump Bad!" have struggled to focus their efforts on a national scale and have left their candidates to latch onto whatever handy issue might exite their local base. Obamacare primarily, along with the usual suspects; racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, snowflakeobia. However, the issues that will determine decisive voter sentiment will more likely be more imminent fears: mob invasion, a return to economic stagnation and tax hikes.

Above all, how many Trump voting independents & #walkaways are aware and concerned about handing gavels to House Democrats for investigations, subpoenas, impeachment votes and of course, gridlock. Older voters would understand much of it but younger voters who have been purposely spared a rigorous civics foundation in school will probably just rely on their feelings, and we’ll just have to wait until the evening of November 6th to find out how much they felt the need to vote.

Unfortunately, there’s no electoral college check to mob-thought in a mid-term election. We’ve been told that every election after 2000 has been “the most important election in our lifetime”. Will this election be another referendum on the rule of law and the bane of political correctness, or will the socialist mob - as directed by their pols, deep state, media, big tech and other rich elites - regain the upper hand, and require the rest of us to get sufficiently disgusted so as to rise up yet again.