2018 Mid-Terms; A Referendum on What?

From a conservative perspective, disaster was averted in 2016. Donald Trump’s victory over the misfit alternative was a tremendous relief for constitutionalists of a republic on the brink of perdition. Rampant corruption and greed of the power elite, a sycophant media pandering to identity politics and political correctness, a creeping dictatorship of the proletariat all told on middle America’s collective psyche. As revelations trickle out showing how those elites were willing to lie, cheat and steal to stay in power, resurgent conservatism is more clearly realizing how precarious everything is above the foundations of our admirably designed republic.

The so-called progressives are gradually regaining rational thought after the shock of having their dreams of social dominance shattered. Democrats who at first simply expected implosion or impeachment, are now planning a mid-term recapture of the house to end any consequences of their now exposed misdeeds. Avowed and unapologetic socialists are pushing a bold leftist message threatening a split in the soul of the party. Grass roots organizing and mobilizing for local races has generated predictions for a Blue Wave and indeed there have been some resurgent wins in runoffs and primaries. The lack, however, of a coherent message and attempts by the various contenders to craft one has been lackluster. Officially it’s “A Better Deal”. Unofficially it’s been subbed out to Hollywood. Their trial balloons have mostly been F-bombs at award shows. Otherwise, there’s “Free College, Reunite Illegal Families, Abolish ICE, America was never that great” ad-nauseum. Democratic leaders are quietly toning down impeachment calls.

Try as they might to distract with Mueller investigation ham sandwiches and Stormy, their espoused messages of freebies, contrived virtue, envy & hate ring hollow compared to the real news; the momentum is with Trump. In the left’s view nothing Donaldus Maximus has done in his first year has merit. Certainly not Neil Gorsuch with Brent Kavanaugh next in line and up to two more picks coming. Sanctioning North Korea and Iran, snubbing NATO & NAFTA to get our opportunistic allies in line, meeting Putin face-to-face. Policy has dominated the media, mainstream and social.

The Felon Foundation’s cronyism, pay to play schemes, shakedowns of governments, corporations foreign and domestic, flashy Hollywood fundraising, in addition to the Democrats policy of forced payment of union dues among other things has caused a large part of their formerly blue working base to turn right - the “ditch & switch” movement. Increasingly leftist rhetoric has exacerbated the shift. The GOP is fast becoming the Republican Workers Party, led by a man who talks directly to them in words they understand and often repeat. Make America Great Again, Build the Wall, Drain the Swamp, Lock Her Up! Millennials, for slightly different reasons, mainly that they are the new entrepreneurial generation, are the “walkaways” from left to right that will further tip the balance. Being on line more than most, they are keenly adept spotting fake news on social media.

The November mid-term election will be here soon, and it will be largely decided on kitchen table and pocketbook issues. Seriously, how can you knock tax cuts? (crumbs), massive job growth, repatriation of corporate funds, 4% GDP (crickets), pipelines and fewer government regulations (oh my!). The electorate will decide if their future looks better with a good economy, or a return to embracing the suck.