Bike Out the Vote!

I’ll get to the bike part at the end. In the meantime….Get Real. There’s an election coming up that can determine whether the early gains we’ve made to drain the swamp and save the republic are not only sustained, but whether they continue at all. It doesn’t matter that we’re right, or that they’ve lied, cheated, and thieved to subvert an election and a presidency. It doesn’t matter that they’re naïve, myopic, misinformed & misled by the fake news media. It doesn’t matter that they’re racist, fascist and violent, and willing to chant and scream at conservatives and otherwise make fools of themselves in public. They plaster their rear ends with bumper stickers like they wear victimhood on their sleeves because of their “feelings”, yet don’t feel for the millions of lives cut short before birth by Planned Unparenthood. But it all doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are planning to take back the power they’ve lost by getting out their vote. They’re conspiring in grass-roots meetings, canvassing door to door, holding demonstrations, and otherwise energizing their base.

It’s always been the problem of conservatives that after getting so pissed off at the left and finally winning a presidential election, that we all sigh with false sense of relief, regret the time and money spent on having to set the other side straight, and then get back to the real world to work hard on our businesses, careers, projects, faith and family, whatever – anything and everything that is more important and satisfying than the dirty work of politics. They on the other hand sacrifice the real world stuff, work hard at organizing their fellow victims, and don’t care for anything but their idealistic, ends-justifies-the-means machinations, so that their passion results in their Utopian dreams.

Even in light of continuing revelations that our intelligence elite colluded with their candidate, the last administration, the media, Russians, Brits, Aussies, and who knows who else, we can’t expect them all to #walkaway. There just aren’t that many open-minded or truly intelligent beings among them. We can’t assume they’ll watch any of the TV we do, browse any of the websites we do, listen to any of the podcasts we do, or follow any of the twitter feeds we do. They won’t attend a Tea Party rally, which are a thing of the past anyway, and it’s doubtful any will be attending a Trump event unless to stage a brief protest. Much of the deciding vote will come from relatively new voters, many from the younger generation caught up in their computer games and social media platforms. It remains to the activist who knocks on their door to motivate them to vote, and suggest the reason why. The parties keep detailed records of where registered voters live, and have the smart phone voter mapping apps for the volunteer canvasser to knock on the right door and ask for the right voter. The unregistered citizen of voting age that answers the door is fair game for persuasion also.

My brief experience in the last election opened my eyes to how effective we could be to get out that deciding vote. In my location, a primarily Democratic district, Republican and independent voters were not heavily represented and only mapped at about 2 houses per street block. With this relatively low density, I found that walking around suburban neighborhoods was rather inefficient in terms of walking vs. talking time and that I would only get to talk to 4 or 5 people per hour. As an avid road cyclist, I decided that it would be easier for me to bike around the neighborhoods, virtually eliminating transit delay, and enabled me to triple or more my hourly contacts. In the 3 half-days before the election, I was able to talk to, or drop off a leaflet to, all of the 200 or so contacts in my app area. Wearing Spandex and donning a helmet is also a rather disarming presentation and definitely sets you apart from the brush salesman or other generally avoided solicitor. I like to think I made a difference in getting Donald Trump elected, not to mention all the Republicans down the ballot, and I am sure that the biking enabled me to cover much more territory and talk to more people than if I was a humble pedestrian. We can’t be complacent. We can’t be overconfident. It’s a populist uprising and that means we must be grass-roots and in-your-face to turn the blue wave red. The prescription is: visit your local Republican precinct office, get the app, pick your territory, grab your bike, and make a difference! On to November!