Listing to the Left

It's a heady thing power. Not easy to give up if there's a choice. Fortunately in our participatory democracy, when elections matter and the losers lose, they must step aside for a while. They had a good thing going until the first Tuesday in November of 2016, thought themselves so virtuous that no wrong could slow their progress, and were shocked by the repudiation of their "progress" by the majority of conservative working class voters in the states that mattered. As a result they were, and still are incensed, unbelieving that the deplorable half of the citizenry could claim the virtue of defining the future path of social development; in the public square, private businesses, even education. That their political sphere has been losing ground to the tune of 1000 seats at the state and national levels over the last 8 years didn't seem to matter - it was the executive that mattered and with the media was able to counter any narrative that they weren't in the ascendant still. It all changed and despite their resistance, organized demonstrations, activist judges, bureaucratic obstruction in government, and media towing the fake news line at every stage - the conservatives have been able to change the very tides. Taxes are down, business is up, the samp is receding, backing the Blue is back in vogue, the armed forces are rearming, and America's been made great again.

Even within the larger loss however, there was the loser by sabotoge, Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont. Originally of the Bronx, thereafter honeymooner in the glorious Soviet State, mayor up to senator. Much more the Bolshie then even John Brennan, Bernie was the standard bearer of the starry-eyed youth of Amerika, idealist cohorts of long-indoctrinated activist students, graduates of primary and secondary public education and their activist school marms, and some even acolytes of politically correct gender study departments. Never tolerating interlopers in their power grid, the Clinton machine's Debbies and Donnas did their dirty work to squelch Berine's chances (money, info, pull) and so put the predatory male in his place. He didn't have a prayer, was in defeat pragmatic, and so in solidarity got behind the inevitable. But Hillary was complacent, overconfident, overmedicated, and well.....tired & lazy, and blew off those taken-for-granted states in flyover country that were expected to obey and perform. The losers got a Cupie Doll and the young idealists became disillusioned with the Dems.

By 2018, the itch has set in again and the Bernie bros and babes just can't brook defeat by the elite. It's not the egalitarian paradise they heard about in school, so cut it short....demand Socialism! And who better than to champion their cause of free college, et al, but that proclaimed septuagenarian Bernie! Except well, there has also arisen a lesser known, but grassier-rooted champ, notably 28-years young Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Piercing eyes, gleaming smile and magnetic allure, the Brooklyn, NY Darling of District 14 was the upset primary victor over Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley - #4 in the Dem hierarchy! If you can beat Joe, you can beat Donald! Now Alexandria is no ordinary Democrat, and indeed no ordinary Socialist. She's a Democratic Socialist of America Partier and ready to rumble on to DC. Together with Berine and a band of fellow travelers they are campaigning to pass the torch on to the next generation and support the other young Democratic Socialists of American left of the left, hoping to prevail in upsetable districts around the country. Needless to say, Nancy and Maxine aren't in danger yet, but they also aren't being very vocal about the new surge to the left as they are aware they will be the next time they run.

But if such a movement would prevail, billionaires Steyer, Soros, Buffet, Gates, Schmidt, Zuckerberg, Bezos et al, may need more than gated communities to hide from the masses desire for free housing. And free and fair elections, at least once anyway. Reichstag anyone? The Democratic Socialists of America look to the French and Russian Revolution models rather than the American - complete upheaval and redistribution of wealth, healthcare, food, jets, yachts and everything else; open the borders and spread it around widely....a veritable Utopia. Alexandria's latest notable quote: "Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”. The situation is so alarming for main-stream Democrats that even Jim Comey, that stalwart of the (Republican) party, tweeted a warning recently:

James Comey‏ @Comey

Democrats, please, please don’t lose your minds and rush to the socialist left. This president and his Republican Party are counting on you to do exactly that. America’s great middle wants sensible, balanced, ethical leadership.

1:37 PM - 22 Jul 2018

Well, it's too late. Their ship has left (npi), sailing into the wide open sea of 2018, captained admirably by Bernie, first mate Alexandria at the helm, pushed off ceremoniously by Maxine, and now as observed from a vantage point dead astern - is listing noticeably to the left. The question remains: Will they be able to shift their ballast (read baggage) from port to starboard before November?