Brazen avarice has again been shown the primitive vehicle in the effort to regain political power following revelations in emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The highly-paid former Burisma board member and China investment/influence peddler attempted to dance away from responsibility, abandoning his troublesome laptop, possibly in the hope it might disappear.  Fortunately, the concerned citizen proprietor of the computer repair shop involved contacted Rudy Giuliani to help discern significance in the treasure trove of truth. 

For elites in all societies, accumulation and greed well beyond need was the surest path to achieve or maintain power to control the more subsistence level hoi polloi.  The progressive movement began in America as an effort of religious affiliated institutions of higher learning importing European theories of sound social development.  The liberalization of society was inevitable as mass communication became ubiquitous.  Everyone read and heard what everybody else was doing—and thinking.   And with movies and TV, saw what it looked like.  Very little of importance could be secreted any longer.  Only with the greatest of precaution could avaricious scandal be hidden, and was generally found out over time.  The corrupt always weighed the risks and found ways to scheme; the lure of wealth and power wouldn’t permit that to change. 

Progressives eventually evolved radically, with help from Karl Halevi, agitation among the working poor by community organizers from Debs to Alinsky and Obama, and perversion among the enlightened elite by academic organizers.  Debs ended up with a long stretch in prison, but Alinsky progressed to Carmel, and Obama to Martha’s Vineyard.   Hordes of woke liberal college diplomatists (many of dubious discipline now sifted from 40% of high-school grads) have been skillfully indoctrinated by the Frankfurter's Herbert Marcuse, et al, metastasizing into every identity and or distinct appearance with a pronounceable pronoun discernible by confused reasoning.  They are the mostly peaceful advocates demanding progress, or else.  The common-sense opposition watches closely—most startled, some alarmed.  Shudder, laugh, cringe or cry, the effects can’t be hidden.

The progressive half of the polity is halfheartedly duped 24/7/365 by advocates in a new mode of journalism; hiding truth, promoting narrative.  A manufactured Russian collusion scandal, projection of real Russian collusion scandal, like impeachment fabrications are the finely honed, if deeply flawed, methods in the politics of personal destruction tested on Bork, Thomas and Kavanaugh.  Religion as Halevi’s opiate of the masses has long been surpassed by mass-media entertainment.  Warped liberal morality is now taught in sit-coms and reality shows.  Game shows preach greed and avarice.  How do progressives imagine the end of their Utopian narrative?   Liberté, égalité, fraternité, prosperité?  Lots of moneý?  Heavenly goals misplaced, camels and eyes of needles forgotten, extreme avarice may not work out in the pursuit of happiness for the Bidens.

Avarice in human nature still dictates elites and aspirants gather and hoard without limit, some through hard and honest work—others through the crony con.  The richest zip-codes surround the nation’s capital.  Little wonder politicians spend so much time seeking tenure for wealth, lobbyists spend so lavishly manipulating for influence, and the most forceful civil servants guide the bureaucratic maze to barter for advancement and influence; if fortunate enough, eventual wealth, or at least a generous pension. 

The worst of the miscreants appear to be skating away.  Innumerable senators and representatives have acted on insider information for rewarding investments or legislated highway interchanges through lucrative land holdings.  Leading industries have secured protections, carved out beneficial tax breaks and negotiated sweetheart contracts.  Andy McCabe, if not breaking rocks, might be freely working a white collar job into his golden years, but Lois Lerner retired without consequence and the Awan brothers skedaddled with a few million in dollars and untold millions in sensitive and valuable data.  The greatest of all scams, the House of Hillbillary, has not been held to account despite damning evidence of pervasive criminality. 

Obviously, deliberate delays in bureaucratic disclosure, and the slow turning wheels of jurisprudence, work well for bureaucratic miscreants.  For leading politicians shown to be systemically corrupt, liberal mainstream media and social media big tech linger as the last line of defense, but they are overwhelmed plugging holes and cannot obscure all scandal.  Particularly the most egregious.  The more discerning observers just refuse to believe their lyin’ eyes.    

In the final analysis, three weeks before all the votes are cast and counted (and re-counted as the narrative forecasts), the Biden campaign can’t deny the emails are real, nor that the “Big Guy” was in for 10% of the gross, and an exorbitant 50% of his crime family’s graft gathering revenue.  The rates curiously resemble those of stated Democrat tax policy. Joe’s recent townhall appearance with George Stephanopoulos lacked any inquiry into Hunter’s latest lap dance with destiny—selling out his fellow citizens to China and Ukraine.  The liberal mainstream media won’t touch the topic or blandly dismiss it as political smear, so only about half the attentive audience will acknowledge the basic gist of the con. 

Dumb luck and truth prevailed when Hunter didn’t pass a pawn shop on the way to the computer repair store, and only fortuitous circumstances enabled America’s Mayor, once again, to initiate an inquiry into the latest  organized crime syndicate to threaten the country.  In the gathering storm, hopefully the lesson that crime doesn’t pay will not be lost on Democrats, their myriad surrogates and voters.  Most particularly for Hunter—even if the Big Guy brought him up that way.

Hunter-Gatherer? Is This What We’ve Progressed To?
10/18/20   Will Henry