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The Tables Turn in the Russian Collusion Hunt

Victor Davis Hanson portends the criminal violations

and course of justice for the perpetrators of the

Russia Collusion Hoax, in American Greatness

35 Key People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need To Be Investigated.

Willis L Krumholz in the Federalist lays out a long list of swamp creatures in Obama's FBI, DOJ, State Dept, the Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS, + Intelligence chiefs...

Our Socialist Socialites - Aren't they Cute?

Abe Greenwald in Commentary reveals the chic New York lifestyle of privileged young socialist wannabes.  Not exactly your "man the barricades" generation...

I'm Suing the Government. It Has a Problem with That. 

Sharyl Attkisson in Real Clear Politics on the unfair fight she is waging against the Justice Department for Obama Era illegal intrusion into her journalism & life.

The World Might Actually Run Out of People

Megan Molteni in WIRED interviews John Ibbitson & Darrell Bricker on their new book "Empty Planet", disputing alarmist overpopulation groupthink

First-Ever 'Deregathon' Targets FL Regulatory, Occupational Licensing Red Tape 

John Haughey - Watchdog.org in The Washington Free Beacon - covers the first-ever Florida de-regulation event hosted by Governor  Ron DeSantis 

Irrational Dems stand in way of immigration compromise

Florida's recent Governor and now Senator, Rick Scott, explains the immigration impasse in our national legislative stalemate, in a Special to the Washington Post via the Lowell, Mass Sun

The Progressive Race to the Bottom

Victor Davis Hanson's scenario of the left going leftier & lowlier, and speculating whether convervatives will be able to take advantage of their folly, in National Review


It's time to blow up the bureaucracy that's killing America

Philip K. Howard opines common sense

solutions to our national bureaucratic

conundrums, in the New York Post

Might the Shutdown be a Trap?

Has Trump suckered Democrats into a trap?

Thomas Lifson explains RIF downsizing

procedures in American Thinker 

Will the shutdown prove how much of the government is redundant?

What's the easiest way to bring the behemoth

under control?  Christopher Buskirk describes

it in the USA Spectator.

Kavanaugh and the Crux of a Cold Civil War

In American Greatness, Thaddeus G. McCotter posits the calamity of the Kavanaugh hearings were are result of the left's inability to separate politics from life.

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featured scandals
US House Data Breach (Imran Awan Espionage Ring)

timeline by civicTRUTH

Starting in 2004, Imran Awan

and his family spy network

managed and infiltrated the

computer networks of dozens

of House Democrats. Oh my!

Crossfire Hurricane
(FISA Court Fraud Coup d'etat)

Doug Ross @Journal



How the DNC & FBI Leadership tried but failed to fix the 2016

Presidential Election - The most comprehensive timeline on the web!  With links to news sources.

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PragerUniversity short video courses

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Senator (R-NE)

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