“All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  - Lord Acton
“Once you become corrupt, you’re corrupt.  And this is the thing you know, being a little bit corrupt is like being a little bit pregnant.  Because, once you’re corrupt, you’ve got to hide your corruption. Once you’re corrupt, you have to lie to yourself about your corruption.  Once you can’t say that you’re wrong—I’ve made a mistake—oh, I should have said this instead of that—pardon me. Once you can’t say that anymore, you have to just keep on going down the road of corruption."  
- Andrew Klavan, Corrupt-O-Rama Podcast #1009
Profiles in Corruption - Peter Schweitzer
Clinton Cash - Peter Schweitzer
Death of a Nation - Dinesh D'Souza
 “Never twist justice to benefit a rich man, and never accept bribes.
For bribes blind the eyes of the wisest and corrupt their decisions.”  - Duteronomy 16:19