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The Left's Class War on the Working Class
 - Steve Hayward
The Left's Class War Is Targeting the Poor & Middle Class to Enrich the Ultrawealthy & Politicians
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201218 - African American Conservative Icon, Shelby Steele, interviewed by Fox’s Martha MacCallum


Asked about Raphael Warnock’s praise of Jeremiah Wright and black victimology, Steele responds:


“If you look at the essence of all those comments, it’s that we as black people are victims of racist America.  We’re victims!  People like this have given black America an identity that is grounded in victimization. I call it a Victim Focused Identity. 


Well, if you think of yourself as a victim you become impotent. Others are in charge of your fate; and so they pay, they don't understand it, but they pay. People like Reverend Wright and so forth, they pay a terrible price. They put our fate in other people's hands and say . . . whites, out of guilt, they ought to fix us up. They ought to give us things that are transformers, reparations, war on poverty, public housing, all sorts of things to give us . . . because we are helpless victims. They reinforce the idea of black inferiority. 


They say that's the truth and that's the responsibility of whites who want to be free of the charge of racism. They then have to take over responsibility for us and give us things. It's a sad, sick, symbiotic bond that gets us nowhere. The more the government gives us, the worse we do by every socio-economic measure. We're further behind whites today than we were in the 1950s and 1960s.”

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"It's a Wonderful Life, Joe Biden!"
- Frank Miele, Real Clear Politics